Top 100 Private Companies in Whatcom County

This year marks our most inspiring “Annual Top 100” yet. Every company on this list suffered through prolonged shutdowns that left workforces feeling isolated and often overwhelmed. The past year and a half also forced every business on this list to navigate an ever-changing array of public health regulations and restrictions, not to mention law and order challenges. Still, every company on this list thrived and, in the process, become a role model for the entire Whatcom County business community. Every business on this list also learned valuable lessons from the pandemic, such as the undeniable fact that companies that treat employees well during hard times will continue to attract talent — even when the war for talent heats up. With 97% of companies on this list saying they plan on hiring in the coming year, that battle for talent is about to get really, really warm.

One other lesson from this year’s Annual Top 100? Inspiration, like talent, can come from anywhere. It is a vast understatement to say that the companies on this list have helped inspire our community. Simply put, their tenacity has shown why the words “prosperity and community” go hand in hand. They will continue to inspire us as our economy returns to full strength.

The Annual Top 100 is not just a list celebrating the most profitable companies in Whatcom County. Much of the success these companies have is continuously reinvested back into our community. Because of that, the Top 100 is really a celebration of what makes Whatcom County special. The beauty, tenacity, innovation and resiliency on display throughout this list shows exactly what we are made of.

Hopefully, next year’s list will discuss the amazing prosperity Whatcom County is known for, without any mention of the pandemic. In the meantime, let’s celebrate the inspiration that makes prosperity (and our community) possible.

Download the Top 100 list here.