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MAR | APR 2019

2019 Business Person of the Year Awards

The ABCs (and an M) of the 2019 Business Person of the Year finalists—Appel-Birnel-Cowden-and-Mullett—involve diverse industries of dairy farming, home healthcare, gravel and concrete services, and boatbuilding.

On March 21, in the ballroom of the Semiahmoo Resort, Golf & Spa, the award recipient will be announced.

Annually across the last 34 years, the Business Pulse Awards have brought special attention to outstanding business success stories that also incorporate invaluable service to the community. Presented by the Whatcom Business Alliance, awards also are bestowed on a Small Business of the Year and a Start-Up of the Year.

The evening draws to a climactic conclusion with the recognition of a person for an entire career body of work—the Lifetime Achievement Award. The 2019 honor goes to a woman who helped start a business in a small, rented space in Lower B.C. that has grown into a global conglomerate.

She is Grace Borsari, who co-founded Alpha Technologies, then developed her own manufacturing arm of that business (Altair Advanced Industries, creating more than 400 jobs in Bellingham), and now sits as CEO of her firm, G.B. Enterprises, managing commercial real estate and a fleet of aircraft.

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