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High-end jewelry collections, personable warmth, luxe setting

The House of Luxury that John Neeter built

At Neeter House of Luxury, setting plays a stunning role.

Inside the stylish, high-end jeweler’s location is a dazzling arrangement of jewels: a gorgeous Fana diamond halo engagement ring, petite teardrop hoop emerald earrings, love knot ruby-and-diamond bangle bracelets. Wedding bands, Rolex watches, Gucci handbags, along with any desired cut of fancy stone — round, princess or radiant — are artfully lighted and arrayed in custom cabinetry.

The setting of the location elevates the luxury experience. The smart, modern, platinum lines of the storefront are set on Squalicum Harbor, on the northern shore of Bellingham Bay. Sailboats bob up and down, moored in the harbor. Charter boats chug toward the San Juan Islands.

Owner John Neeter, a third-generation private jeweler, saw the gap in Whatcom.

“As an established local jeweler for the past 30 years, I understood that our community was lacking the upscale, elegant, boutique, fine-jewelry experience customers desire,” Neeter said.

With community awards and client reviews pouring in, Neeter delivers one word regarding completing his first year of business at his signature location: “ecstatic.”

“We provide excellence in every area,” Neeter said. “We source from the world’s finest collections of fine jewelry.”

With a full-time jeweler on staff, custom designs can be built in-house. Luxury advisers Sonje and Angelina, with personal warmth and decades in customer service, assist with everything from replacing a watch battery to sourcing a 5-carat, flawless diamond.

Even Neeter’s suppliers, the industry experts who see all the jewelers in the Pacific Northwest through their work of sourcing and delivery, are admiring. Suppliers have said, “You have the most exquisite place north of Bellevue.”

“Our view of the harbor is stunning! Our customers witness awesome sunsets,” Neeter said.

“There are fine dining establishments within walking distance, and, of course, the luxurious Hotel Bellwether.”

What if you want a peek at the collection before visiting the boutique? New clients can view wedding bands and even build engagement rings, along with other custom pieces, on the company website. The online presence — a website that features 40,000 pieces and matches the style of the store — opens a window of transparency, giving clients a sense of quality and cost to enhance personal visits.

The personable owner cited the most important quality for his business: “the experience of every client.”

“Whether someone is getting an appraisal or designing an engagement ring,” Neeter said, “each client should have trust in their jeweler and walk out with a smile.”

“We want to be your family’s jeweler for life,” Neeter said, thinking about all the special occasions marked by fine jewelry, such as engagements, weddings, births, graduations and anniversaries. “We know how to build that commitment and trust.”


Neeter House of Luxury provides these collections and services. For a complete experience, visit its location at 21 Bellwether Way, Suite 107, or neeterhouseofluxury.com.

  • Beautifully curated jewelry collections, including estate and vintage
  • Custom designs, with laser welder and CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing) on-site
  • Fancy stones in all cuts and shapes
  • Private appraisals for fine, estate and vintage jewelry
  • Professional repair service along with polishing and cleaning and watch battery replacement
  • Jewelry showcases, with designers coming to Neeter to host special events and show their specialty lines
  • Niche items, including luxe handbags, pocketknives and watches
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