The Top 100 privately-owned companies in Whatcom County!

For close to 50 years, editors and writers at Business Pulse magazine have been covering the entrepreneurial spirit and economic influence of business talents here in Whatcom County. This annual list of the top 100 private companies, ranked by 2023 gross sales, is a snapshot of the businesses that make Whatcom County a compelling place to work and live. 

Within the results are inspiring stories of leaders and their teams who create living-wage family jobs, meaningful careers and generational success. Locally-owned Financial Plan Inc. provides customized financial planning and asset management. For integrated medical and personalized care, many clients depend on locally and independently owned Hoagland Pharmacy. Farmers Equipment Co. is a known source for servicing this county’s massive agricultural load with berry-harvesting and irrigation equipment. Perennial top performer Exxel Pacific builds up Whatcom’s newest structures, residences and businesses. 

This list also displays the breadth of industries — agriculture, banking, construction, hospitality and service, information technology, marine and retail — that bolster our growing economy.

The power of a list is formative, setting up industry expectations and influencing consumer perceptions. A ranking frames the field, categorizes the competition and distinguishes the leaders. 

In this list are the thinkers and innovators, leaders and doers, who launch the new products, expand the teams and make the deadlines. Every company in this list is an intricate ecosystem, putting together people and systems, capital and capacity, to make its own entity prosperous, and in so doing, our local economy, too. Importantly, this year, an overwhelming majority of organizations plan to hire new employees. Planning for hiring is great news for these businesses, potential employees and Whatcom County.

Just like last year, there are many new businesses showing the engagement of private enterprise. We welcome the newest Top 100 members who made the ranking and congratulate them on their achievements. 

Take inspiration from this issue of Business Pulse, read the stories of who’s who in the Top 100, join us at events hosted by the Whatcom Business Alliance (publisher of this magazine) and make plans to achieve a ranking on this list next year. 

Framed by the beauty of the Salish Sea and the North Cascade mountains, imbued with industry and talent, Whatcom County is an exceptional place to work and live. Here are the top performers in local business — the top 100 private companies in Whatcom County!

[Editor’s Note: the Top 100 list is available in our online magazine. Click here and flip to pages 30-41 to see who made the list this year!]