JUL | AUG 2019


The 2019 Top 100 Private Companies in Whatcom County

This year, for the first time, we decided to total the annual revenues of the Top 100 private companies in Whatcom County, using the low-end figure where there was a range. The result—nearly $5 billion—or more precisely, a whopping $4,985,000,000!

Besides showing a high degree of profitability, this year’s list contains a number of businesses that are marking milestone anniversaries. These include Morse Steel Service (135 years), Blythe Plumbing and Heating (115 years), Allsop (55 years) and Barlean’s (30 years). Each is featured in a story on the following pages.

A number of other companies have appeared on the list for many years, as well, evolving to sustain their success, often while transitioning to new leadership.

It’s also clear from the list that Whatcom County possesses a diverse economy. Construction, technology, maritime, retail, agriculture, manufacturing, and hospitality are among the industries represented.

Criteria for a company to qualify for the Top 100 list include earning 2018 revenues above $7 million and having its corporate headquarters in Whatcom County. Companies are ranked by their 2018 revenues and in alphabetical order within their sales range.

See who’s on the list and join us in thanking them for providing many of the jobs and the vital tax revenues that support our local and state governments.

Download PDF of 2019 Top 100 section